FAQ – Republic Services

Texas Record Retrieval Specialists

Below is a list of questions that our clients most frequently ask however if you have a specific question about our service please feel free to call or click on info@republic-services.com to send an email inquiry.


What Type of Records do you retrieve?

We retrieve just about any type of record you might need. Some examples of records we retrieve are medical, billing, pathology, X-ray, personnel, payroll, cell phone records, pathology blocks, blueprints, criminal, education, birth, death, driving, pharmacy, banking, etc. The only type of record we cannot retrieve is Worker Compensation Records due to the fact that those must be requested by the attorney, and not by a third party.


Will you get fee approval from me before obtaining the records ?

Yes, we will send a status for fee approval when the fee exceeds the client’s profile.Our staff is very well versed on the criteria set forth by the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure that hospitals are allowed to charge. We enforce those criteria in an effort to control costs to the law firm and ultimately their client.The facilities that are not required to follow those guidelines are constantly monitored by our staff to make sure the charges are reasonable for the records retrieved.


Can you copy records at the custodian’s office if necessary?

Yes we have equipment to copy records on-site.We routinely do this to ensure our clients get the most accurate, legible copy of the record possible.


Can you direct bill my client ?

Yes, we direct bill most of the major insurance carriers as well as corporations. This allows our clients to focus on representing their clients on legal matters instead of dealing with invoicing or accounting issues. We also have the ability to split invoices between co-defendants provided the necessary information is agreed to at the beginning of the case.


What if my records are lost, misfiled, or destroyed ?

Republic Services digitally archives every record retrieved. At any time we can reproduce a copy from our digital archives. We can get you a copy of the missing record with-in 24hrs of you placing the phone call.